About Me

I specialize in educational technology and learning management systems such as: Brightspace D2L, BlackBoard, Moodle, and Canvas. I have also worked with accessible content for the web, virtual classrooms with Adobe Connect, and other educational technologies.

The more I learn the more my interests change. I've been learning more and more about Oracle SQL databses, javascript, and javascript frameworks like VueJS.

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My Projects

Here are a few projects I've been working on

Syllabus Management Program

Custom built Syllabus Management Program for Master Syllabi. Fully accessible and stored in a SQLite database for easy online updating. Contact Me if you need a custom syllabus solution.

screenshot syllabus management homepage screenshot syllabus sample screenshot syllabus editing mode
Custom Markdown Editor

Custom Markdown Editor with Mathjax and code highlighting. See the output and the HTML code.

screenshot grade item site
Button Course Jump Page from JSON

Resource Button Jump Page. Buttons are automatically generated from JSON object list.

screenshot jump page
Font Awesome Printable Reference Poster

Font Awesome Grid for printing or reference.

screenshot icons
Accessible Math

Examples of using TeX code in Markdown and the MathJax javascript library to generate accessible Math.

screenshot math examples in mathjax and markdown

See a Markdown Accessible Math Presentation - ed-tech D2L Fusion Conference 2017 and 2018

Container Calculator - Cylinder and Prism

Playing with AngularJS and data binding in a Container Calculator

screenshot calculator
Desmos Graphing API Example

Dynamic Interactive Bell Curve graphing using the Desmos API.

screenshot desmos graph bell curve
Vue Component Countdown Timer Until Date

Playing with Vue Components to countdown until a specified date. Countdown Timer

screenshot countdown timer

Brightspace D2L Tools

Brightspace D2L Grade Item Generator

Grade Item Generator for Brightspace D2L. Quickly generate multiple grade items to import into your course.

screenshot grade item site
Brightspace D2L Bulk Dataset Downloader

Dataset Downloader for Brightspace D2L. Quickly download multiple datasets from your Brightspace D2L instance.

screenshot data set site
Brightspace D2L Objectives Generator

Objectives Generator for Brightspace D2L. Quickly generate Brightspace Objectives from an MS Excel sheet or list. Download, zip, and import into your course.

screenshot objectives xml site

Connect With Me

Thank you for taking the time to look at a few of my projects. If you'd like to see more then I am happy to share!